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Call us to discuss your custom shape.  We will need a diagram with all sizing or a photo to determine “mold” cost and piece price.  There will be a mold charge for your custom shape.

Custom Shape Lucite:

Looking for options outside the standard shapes and awards box? Our custom
shape Lucite section provides a glimpse at some of the innovative shapes and themes that can be produced in our Lucite embedment process. Our in-house and embedment friendly processes offer a variety of options to display your customers’ message. The following examples display our processes that include screen printed clear acetates, printed cards and brass plates in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Custom shapes require a mold – and a mold fee in addition to the individual Lucite cost.


Special Shapes
Product Replicas

The above shapes in these exact sizes may be available from previous jobs.  Please call us and describe the shape and row above  from the “custom molded shapes” page.

Online Web Catalog

*Standard Shapes  #1
Rectangle, Square, Wedge, Triangle, Round, Pyramid etc

*Standard Shapes  #2
Cubes, Ball, Dome, Cylinder, Obelisk, #1, Diamond & more

Standard Shapes  #1
Books, Flame, Shirt, Pig, Shield, Apple & more

Standard Shapes  #2
Books, Flame, Shirt, Pig, Shield, Apple & more

Standard Shapes  #3
Cloud, Iceberg, Mountain, US, States, NY, CA

Special Shapes w/ Bases
Drop, Flame, Star, Lightbulb, Map, Capitol, all w/ bases

Custom Molded Shapes
Custom Shapes, Sizes w/ different ideas

Theme Pieces
Ground Breaking, Oil drop, Opening, Hardhat, Shovel

3-D Cast Parts
Diagram & Special Quote Required

Diagram & Special Quote Required

Laser Cutting
Diagram & Special Quote Required

Mini Metal Castings Inside
Metal Castings in gold or silver shown in Lucite

Metal Castings
Sample Metal Castings, Thousands of shapes available.

Acrylic Stock Shapes
Surface screen only. Stock size & shape. No embeddding.

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