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Lucite Tombstones

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Online Lucite Quote Request Form

Lucite Tombstones

      Welcome !

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You can print this quote request form and fax it to 401-847-8076 or just click on the request button below and it will be e-mailed to us!    Please be as specific as possible so we can get you a rapid quote.  Please understand that it may take a few days to respond to our many requests for quotation.   If you have an event within the next 2 weeks, you must call us for rush availability.  25 pc starting quantities.  6 pc minimum at additional cost.   (As the largest supplier of custom Lucite awards to corporate & financial institutions worldwide, we cannot reply to below minimum requests.)  We will email you a detailed quotation or call you personally with details or questions.  Thank you for your request.  We value your business.

Fill out the form below for a custom quote.All information is kept confidential and is used only in gathering information for this quote. This in no way obligates you, but does allow us to assist you properly.If you have artwork layout prepared you can email it now to ARTWORK SUBMISSION with all details for a firm quote. Upon receipt of this completed form, a member of our A Better Idea staff will call you to discuss your project.  Artwork is not required for us to reply with a preliminary quote.  This form is a quote form only.  Thank you.




Address #1:*

Address #2:



Zip/Postal Code:*




Mobile Phone:


Web Address:

Lucite Shape:*
Quantity Wanted:*  
Approx Overall Size:*
Type of Insert/Art:*
Are you emailing art?:*
Attach a file to your request:

Additional Description or Details about your project*:

Describe Shape if Needed* Describe the "Shape" name? From website shapes or custom shape?
Additional Size Notes: approx what size? (w" x h" x d"): 4 inch wide x 6" high and 7/8" deep
Describe Multiple Quantities, & Special Thickness details if needed:  (standard thickness is 7/8")
Event Date or "Must Have" Date? (mm/dd/yy) (Lucite production requires 10 days min/ Rush available for extra cost - Please call):
Explain Insert "look" you want for award*    Describe what will be embedded?  1 or  sides?   1, 2 or more colors in your artwork?  white card/tombstone? clear insert with your logo?   a photo?  a coin?   multiple items?  etc. Floating?  Surface Printed?
Describe Artwork or File Type You Have*:   Do you have Digital Art file ready to email us?  ( .eps file is standard e-mail art).   Do you need .eps conversion of your artwork?   send artwork for this request

 Please have a Lucite Sales Specialist call me.  $250 min Lucite plus setups.  &  6 exact pc minimum.

*Payment Method Preferred:     

Please provide any details to help us quote:  (who will receive the awards, date needed, type of project, colors of logo etc:)  *Required for a quote: 1) approx. quantity  2) shape  3) approx. size 4) insert info (# of colors to be printed, one or 2 sides?)    PLEASE DESCRIBE ANY OTHER NOTES BELOW:


1 MORE STEP:  Help us control spam & make your reply secure & private!    Please type the code seen below into the input white box below.  Then press the SUBMIT FORM button.  We will respond w/ your quote in 1-2 days.  Thank you.

Please enter the code above here:

         (enter code above)

*required for quotation       *no single piece orders processed.

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Thank you for your request.  One of our professional advisors will contact you about your project by phone or by written email quotation.

All prices quoted in US Dollars. 
If you require delivery to a different country, please contact us.
* Below 6 pc quantity requests cannot be processed.

Major credit cards accepted. Secure online transactions.
Call Us For Special Quotations. Minimum Order: $250 & 6 exact piece awards.
401-841-5646 / 800-520-1691
A Better Idea  1151 Aquidneck Avenue . Suite 498 . Middletown, RI 02842 USA

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