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Hybrid E.turbine – Solar Powered


Empower people’s hearts and minds by connecting positive messages that show you’re doing your part to help our planet’s future with renewable resources. By generating a cool breeze, these exclusive scale model wind turbines draw people’s attention to get you noticed and remembered. This solar model requires sunshine or bright light source. Connect energy conservation with your promotions in the coolest way. Get your Hybrid e.Turbines today for our planet’s tomorrow!. 5 1/2″ W x 3 1/2″ D x 14 1/2″ H

Category: Fans
Colors: White
Themes: Earth Day, Environmental, Nature, Office, Science
Imprint: 1-1/8″ x 2-1/4″ (x2). Full-color digital. Price includes full color, 2 sides, 2 locations
Options: BLANK GOODS: BLANK GOODS (50:$13.40, 100:$13.20, 500:$12.20, 1000:$11.60, 5000:$10.00, 10000:$9.60)
Additional Info: Recyclable, Environmentally Friendly
Packaging: Printed cardboard mailer w/assembly diagram.; Units/Ctn: 42; Weight/Ctn: 22 lbs.
Production Time: Please send artwork and date required for quote.
 Quantity:   50     100     500     1,000     5,000     10,000  
 Your Special Price:   $16.54     $16.30     $15.10     $14.38     $13.50     $12.98  

Additional charges for setup and shipping may apply.

Custom Poured & Cast Lucite Awards – Solar Power/ Wind Power Solar Panels designs

Clear Lucite flat Kansas state shape.  Clear film acetate embedment. Client supplied metal cast of turbine.  Any shape available!

Hybrid – USB Powered

Description: Promote renewable green energy with Sun Scarf s exclusive scale model wind turbines. New design generates a cool breeze and draws attention to get your logo noticed. Powered by your computer s USB port, a small electric motor spins the turbine blades. Very popular, these Turbines / Fans perfectly connect energy conservation with your company s message. 5 1/2″ W x 3 1/2″ D x 14 1/2″ H
Colors: White
Imprint: 2-3/4″x1-3/4″.   Price includes full color, 1 side, 1 location
Additional Info: Environmentally Friendly
Packaging: Cardboard mailer @ 8 1/4 x 4 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches; Units/Ctn: 42; Weight/Ctn: 20 lbs.
Production Time: Please send artwork and date required for quote.
 Quantity:   25     50     100     250     500     1000  
 Your Special Price:   $18.66     $18.48     $18.30     $18.12     $17.94     $17.76  
 Solar Powered Desk-top Wind Turbine – WP-16  

Alternative Energy > Desktop Solar-Powered Wind Turbine Promotional Item

An everyday reminder of your commitment to Alternative Energy, this 12″ scaled miniature’s solar panel is powered by lamp light or directly by the sun.


SIZE : 12″

Portable Solar Charger


This portable solar charger can be charged by the sun or your computer using the included USB cable, and can charge most smart phones, cameras and MP3/MP4 devices using each devices own USB Cable. Complies with FDA. 2 7/8″ W x 4 1/8″ H x 5/8″ D

Category: Chargers
Colors: Black/Gray
Themes: Computer, Phone, Sun, Travel
Imprint: 1/2″x5/8″. Pad printed. Price includes 1 color, 1 location
Packaging: Gift box; Units/Ctn: 72; Weight/Ctn: 36 lbs.
Production Time: Please send artwork and date required for quote.
 Quantity:   25     50     100     250  
 Your Special Price:   $38.34     $37.14     $35.94     $34.74  
Solarian 3 LED Solar Flashlight Keychain


Small but mighty, this keychain flashlight is packed with 3 LED lights powered by natural sunlight and artificial lighting. Our ergonomic click button keychain with carabiner provides a punch of pizzazz. 2″ W x 1 3/8″ H

Colors: Blue, Burgundy Red, Lime Green, Orange, White, Silver, Black
imprint: 1″x1/2″. Screen printed, pad printed. Price includes 1 color, 1 location
additional info: Environmentally Friendly
Packaging: Egg-shell packaging; Units/Ctn: 250; Weight/Ctn: 18 lbs.
Production Time: Please send artwork and date required for quote.
 Quantity:   25     50     100     250  
 Your Special Price:   $4.20     $3.60   $3.30     $2.98  

Mova Political Globe


The Mova globe rotates silently on an acrylic 3-pronged base using only the energy of room light and the force of earth’s magnetic field. 4 1/2″ Diameter x 7″ H

Category: Globes, Maps
Colors: Blue
Themes: Executive, Office, School, Science
Imprint: 2″ w x 3/8″ h. Screen printed. Price includes 1 location
Packaging: Retail packaging; Units/Ctn: 1; Weight/Ctn: 5 lbs.
Production Time: Please send artwork and date required for quote.
 Quantity:     1-12       12-24          25     50     100  
 Your Special Price:   $187.06     $174.50     $159.68     $153.40     $147.38  


   12 Piece Executive Stationery Set

Item #: JYWMF-IEIWN Price: $28.74 – $32.34
Description: Deluxe stationery set with aluminum pen & pencil set, extra pencil lead, scissors, stapler, staple puller, eraser, paper clips, 5″ ruler, 8 digit dual power solar calculator and notepad in a zippered …


   Pocket Calculator

Item #: AZYEJ-CWBDL Price: $5.40 – $6.08
Description: 8 digit full function calculator, rubber touch keys, ergonomic design, ABS black & silver case. 3″ W x 4 1/2″ H


   Colorful Dual Powered Pocket Calculator

Item #: TWAMD-GSYCD Price: $4.74 – $5.38
Description: Brightly colored 8-digit display dual power calculator with rubber touch keys. 2 1/2″ W x 4″ H x 1/2″ D


   Desktop Full Function Calculator

Item #: UZWGI-CWAUY Price: $9.54 – $10.90
Description: Dual power 8-digit full function calculator, rubber-touch keys, two tone metallic ABS case. 5 1/2″ W x 8″ H


   Solar Flashlight W/ 4 LED Lights

Item #: BSYGD-GAYKX Price: $20.34 – $23.94
Description: Camping flashlight with 4 LED super bright light and outdoor solar panel. 1 1/4″ W x 6 5/8″ H x 1 1/4″ D


   Recycled Notebook & Calculator Set

Item #: NXALE-IEKYS Price: $6.90 – $7.86
Description: Hard cover recycled book with 8 digit dual power solar calculator, 25 piece sticky note pad, 5 sets of 25 colored flags, and 60 pages note pad with locking clip. Complies with FDA. 4 1/4″ W x 7 5/8″…


   Dancing Solar-powered Flowers & Insects

Item #: OXBKE-IELCY Price: $4.18 – $4.78
Description: Our flowers and insects will entertain you all day! Watch them gently sway all day long in their colorful pots. Adds personality to any workspace. Individually packaged in a clear clamshell terrarium….


   Millennium Series 8″ Ruler & Solar Powered Calculator

Item #: UUBIB-FLMMB Price: $6.10 – $7.00
Description: Show just how well you measure up to the competition! From the Millennium Series, this 8″ ruler is designed with a built-in, solar powered calculator. This duo is perfect for making quick measurements…


   Rainier Leather Zip Portfolio

Item #: DYAHH-CBBNP Price: $30.60 – $31.80
Description: When you crave sweet simplicity and style, this portfolio delivers. It features an 8 1/2″x11″ writing pad, a removable solar calculator, pen loop, an expandable file pocket, and a zippered pocket. The…


   Ranier Binder Leather Three-ring Portfolio

Item #: ZYADE-CBBPA Price: $32.10 – $33.30
Description: Treasure comes in many forms, and this portfolio is one of them. It features a 3 ring 1 1/4″ metal clasp, pamphlet pocket, zipper pocket, and removable solar calculator. Also standard is an 8 1/2″x11″…


   Rainier Grip Leather Carry Portfolio

Item #: QYBLI-CBBPY Price: $33.30 – $34.50
Description: When business is on the go, the comfort carry handle offers effortless portability. The sleek zippered closure with leather pulls keeps all your notes secure. It also features an interior organizer wi…


   Rainier Binder Grip Leather 3-ring Carry Portfolio

Item #: EYBKB-CBBQB Price: $35.10 – $36.30
Description: Finally, something with all the features. This portfolio boasts a 1 1/4″ Matte black metal three-ring binder and a zipper closure with leather pulls. Inside features a multi-function organizer, a remo…


   Touch Screen Solar Calculator

Item #: WRBIA-HKWGU Price: $3.58 – $4.80
Description: Vibrant and innovative, the fun Touch Screen Solar Calculator will help clear up any office gloom. The transparent key pad gives the numbers the illusion of floating over your desk. 3 1/2″ W x 5 1/2″…


   Vivid Calculator Jotter

Item #: BZXHD-IUUPP Price: $4.18 – $5.40
Description: This simulated leather jotter opens to reveal both a solar powered calculator and a handy notepad. Slip your favorite pen into the pen loop. 4 1/2″ W x 6 1/2″ H x 5/8″ D


   Solarian 3 LED Solar Flashlight Keychain

Item #: SRAME-GUJBS Price: $2.98 – $4.20
Description: Small but mighty, this keychain flashlight is packed with 3 LED lights powered by natural sunlight and artificial lighting. Our ergonomic click button keychain with carabiner provides a punch of pizza…


   Office Zip Portfolio

Item #: LYBDH-CBBSZ Price: $14.38 – $15.58
Description: Whether you need to organize in the office or on the go, this is the perfect portfolio for any need. The zipper closure and front slot pocket keep important documents safe. Inside features a removable…


   Office Binder 3 Ring Zip Portfolio W/ Solar Calculator

Item #: SYCKA-CBBTW Price: $14.88 – $16.08
Description: This portfolio takes organization to a new level with the 1 1/4″ black metal three-ring binder. It also features a removable solar calculator, an inside organizer with multiple pockets, an 8 1/2″x11″ …


   Genuine Walnut Plaque w/Metal Shovel & 2″ Insert Space (8″x10″)

Item #: XYCIE-CBBUU Price: $15.54 – $16.74
Description: The riveted handle and zipper closure ensure security while on the go. The interior organizer features an expandable file pocket, small card pocket, and a removable solar calculator. Also standard is …


   Executive Binder 3 Ring Portfolio W/ Handle

Item #: WYCGH-CBBVR Price: $16.56 – $17.76
Description: This portfolio is perfect for meetings in the office or on the go. The top carry handle makes travel easy. Inside it features a 1 1/4″ matte black metal three ring binder, a multifunction organizer, a…


   Harvard Binder 3 Ring Portfolio W/ Retractable Handles

Item #: OYDLF-CBBXN Price: $21.36 – $22.56
Description: When a briefcase is too big and a folder is too small, this portfolio strikes the perfect balance. The retractable carry-handles ensure convenient travel. It features a 1 1/4″ matte black metal three-…


   Messenger 3 Ring Shoulder Strap Portfolio

Item #: QAZLI-EJVFE Price: $24.60 – $25.80
Description: Carry it with the hideaway handles or the adjustable and removable shoulder strap. It features a zipper closure, a removable solar calculator, and an interior organizer for documents, cards, and ID. B…


  Mini Solar Charger (2 1/2″X2 1/2″X5/8″)

Item #: FZWDH-HMCDX Price: $30.54 – $32.34
Description: This super-portable solar charger uses sunlight or USB power to charge your mobile phone or other gadget. PC and Mac compatible. Now you can rest assured you won’t miss any new opportunity! Each packa…


   Smartfolio Quartet Pad Portfolio W/ Calculator (9 7/8″X12 7/8″X3/4″)

Item #: ZAWIH-FUFOD Price: $19.80 – $21.54
Description: Superior pad folio with built-in solar powered calculator, calendar, full size notepad and numerous slots for discs, business cards, documents, etc. Includes pen holder and patent pending lanyard stra…


   Solar Charger Pro

Item #: ETAMD-IUAGT Price: $27.54 – $30.60
Description: Charge your mobile phone, MP3 or PSP player with the power of the sun, or via a computer’s USB power. Lightweight, portable design. Extra-large imprint area. Li-ion Rechargeable Battery capacity: 800 …


   Solar Charger Pack W/Speakers

Item #: TSVEF-HMMIV Price: $35.70 – $49.98
Description: Solar powered battery pack for your cell phone camera/MP3/MP4 player. Built in stereo speakers. Complete with full complement of cell phone adaptors. One color imprint only. Complies with ASTM, CPSIA…


   Solar Charger Pack

Item #: XZWDI-GJQNE Price: $27.58 – $38.64
Description: Rugged and padded carry case made from recycled plastic for cell phones i pods or other battery operated devices. Recharges the solar way with 6 different standardized adaptors including a usb connect…

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