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How to Place a Lucite Order

Easy Online QUOTE request form

Phone:  401-841-5646 / 800-520-1691


  1. Quick & Easy Online: LUCITE WEB REQUEST FORM HERE
  2. Call or Fax: your specs and email your art PH:401-841-5646 FX:401-679-0360
  3. View Shapes Idea Gallery.  Choice of clear film or white cards for floating art/logos

If you don’t have all the information below, just send or email what you currently have, give us your budget per piece and describe your artwork layout and colors … we have 38 years of experience!

Easy Steps to get a quick quote:

In order to get you the most accurate quote, we’ve listed below all the most important information that is helpful to us getting you a quick quote. Send what you have now, and if you don’t have exact specs, don’t worry, send us whatever you have at this point for an estimate. (at least the shape, an approximate size, and your expected artwork: logos, text, photos – or document) so our graphics team may size it properly and quote accurate print costs. If your request involves embedding your own product, please be sure to email a photo of the product, the size and thickness – along with description on the material and composition, so our team can advise.

Email what you have at this point, including as many of these as possible:

  1. LUCITE SHAPE: (please view our extensive stock shape ideas on our site Gallery of Shapes:  http://www.lucitetombstones.com/lucite_idea_gallery or provide some sizing and images of what you are looking for. Also, right on bottom of Home Page, we have roughly 60 shape icons that pop out to large images as examples of our work.
  2. SIZE (important for quoting, or an approximate size) of your requested shape (Lucite is a liquid, so we cast each order by hand & price them by size. You can say “around 4” high, – no bigger than 5” etc.” Important for quoting and art layout.
  3. QUANTITY:   Price breaks:  6-11, 12-24, 25-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499 etc.  (Quote based on quantity -cost goes down with ea. quantity break) Please estimate how many you will need or give us breaks to quote.
  4. YOUR PROPOSED ARTWORK:  Document, logos, photos, or text. Attach each logo we will be printing for graphics review.  Any text or proposed number of lines of copy.  A layout or scribble of placement if you have a preference.  We print on a special UV “white” floating cards, “clear” floating film, or surface print.   Send high resolution logos like .eps, .pdf, or .tiff for review or we can quote any needed art costs to redraw or cleanup.

       Preferred file formats include:

  • EPS (text outlined / set to paths)
  • TIFF/JPG, 300dpi minimum (72 dpi website logos are unusable)
  • AI (text outlined, version CS2)
  • PDF (text outlined / set to paths)
  1. EVENT DATE:(if any) In hands date. Production is 8-14 workdays (based on quantity) after proof approval before shipping – Rush may be available for additional cost. (provide “in-hands” need date). We may be able to rush sooner and ship Fed Ex/UPS or expedited overnight if needed, using your account or ours.
  2. OPTIONAL CUSTOM LUCITE SHAPES: (Mold cost applies) For your own custom shape, a mold is required, – we would need some specific details- detailed line drawings, size, thickness of shape. Photos of all sides, and sizing – artwork files (all logos, text, colors, placement etc. for mold costs to be quoted by our sculptor. Mold costs only apply to only a custom shape. Check with us – we may have the mold already.
  3. BUDGET: (optional but helps) This can help to narrow what is possible. Budget per award? $30, $50, $70, $100 etc. May be an important factor in what is achievable. We itemize quote for Lucite, Printing, Setup, Artwork etc. Optional. Not required to quote.
  4. “OPTIONAL” ADD ONS: Do you have a product to embed? One of our metal castings (shovel, hard hat, turbine etc.), optional Lucite or wood Base, adding color back or bottom, beveling of edges, laser etch, sandblasting, oil drops, or even your own provided product. If you require more than a document or logos – please advise with details.

As soon as we have some of above helpful details from you, we will review with our graphics team and production manager and email you a detailed itemized quotation that will give you accurate numbers and options.  We will make recommendations based on the best size, your artwork etc. that will be helpful to plan your project.  Send what you can if you don’t have all details we can suggest.

USA MADE NOTE:   ALL our Lucite & acrylic products are handmade using original patented Lucite compounds right here in the USA.  Price is a factor but more important is the quality of the Lucite and the expertise of the manufacturer – patented material is used by experts with decades of experience – also the clarity, weight, and printing expertise of our staff.  You are guaranteed a quality product with A Better Idea and our 57+ years of success!

LEAD TIME:  Once the order is placed, your PDF proof is emailed to you in I day of order placement/pre-payment.  When signed approval of layout proof is received, production is about 8-12 workdays depending on size or complexity of order.   Rush is available for additional cost and varies from project to project.  Please inquire with firm date needed.   Please indicate if there is an event date.

Lucite Process:

Lucite embedment’s are an entirely hand-made, hand-poured process.  We pour raw acrylic material into a mold, let it set to a Jell-O-like state, hand-place the card into the mold, then pour more liquid acrylic material over the top.

The embedment’s are then placed into a 375-degree oven overnight for at least 12 hrs. at 275 lbs. of pressure.  There, heat cures & pressure squeezes out the air bubbles.   The raw acrylic material is very chemically reactive, much like paint thinner or nail polish remover, &attacks the inks.   Between the chemical reaction and the heat, inks fade.  Different pigments in inks fade differently than others. We do our best to match your colors.

The embedment’s are then placed into a 375-degree oven overnight at 275 lbs. of pressure.  There, heat cures & pressure squeezes out the air bubbles.   During this process some shrinkage does occur.  The Lucite pieces are cast oversize to allow for shrinkage, which varies from piece to piece.

When removed, the piece is ground down to size by hand on large industrial sanders.  First a coarse grit belt, then a medium grit & finally a fine grit belt.  Variations occur in this sizing process since it is all done by hand.  The final step is polishing to bring out the luster & high gloss.


We test and advise prior to any embedment, but we cannot guarantee the results of any items furnished for embedment from outside our facility. Potential Item Embedment Risks:   Heat and pressure may alter your product. The embedding process can substantially affect or alter the substance or product to be embedded, but we make every effort to make it work!  We will pre-test the item to see how it reacts, but this is not a guarantee that all the final castings will react in the same way.  Chances are very high that if a test works – your part will work just fine. The successful embedment of a test or pre-production sample does not guarantee the success of the entire order.  Variations can occur & are beyond our control.

While we attempt to identify and advise on embedment risk, (we do advise you, and email a photo of test) we cannot guarantee results and will embed client supplied products only at customer risk and expense regardless of outcome.  There are no replacements, returns or refunds for embedment’s using your supplied product should the resulting Lucite casting differ from your expectations. We are the oldest and largest direct Lucite factory (US made) – If it can be embedded, we can do it. We’re just very honest with our customers about the possible risks, but if the test works it’s likely to embed ok.

Once you have reviewed our itemized and detailed quote, if you would like to place an order, we can email you the order pre-payment form to enter your order, release paperwork and order # to our artists and graphic team for proofing – and get it into production once you have approved your final PDF proof!

Please feel free to call us directly at 401-841-5646 ext. 201 with any questions or just email your decision and we can get started right away with your custom order of classic crystal-clear handmade Lucite!

We look forward to hearing from you on your custom project!

401-841-5646 ~800-520-1691

Fax Requests to:  401-679-0360


Browse our LUCITE GALLERY OF IDEAS for the many shapes from our online catalog.  Decide which shape you like and try to determine the approximate size you would like.   Get an idea of your artwork and you are ready for a quote!