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Lucite Deal Toy Embedment Standard Shapes

These standard shapes are available in many sizes. Once you have chosen the desired shape for your custom award, you must decide the approximate size needed and the artwork you want fot the insert.

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Looking for options outside the standard shape deal toys?   Maybe a custom shape?

Our special shapes Lucite section provides a glimpse at some of the innovative shapes and themes that can be produced in our Lucite embedment process. Our in-house and embedment friendly processes offer a variety of options to display your customers’ message. The following examples display our processes that include screen printed clear film, printed white cards and brass plates in a variety of shapes and sizes. These lucite standard shapes are available in many sizes. Once you have choozen the desired “shape” for your custom lucite awards, you must decide the approximate size needed and the artwork or “insertion” requirements. See details below

Here is the easiest way to get a quotation for your project:

a) Choose the shape/s you are interested in.  Pick the shape from this site or fax us a diagram.

b) Settle on an approximate size you would like.  (Lucite is price on volume…it’s a liquid)

c) Decide on what you would like embedded.  White card?   Clear insert?   How many sides or colors?

d) Call us for a quick quote!   If you have art, send us your artwork and we can get you a specific quote!

Of course, we can help you decide the appropriate shape and size for your project, or help you in your artwork design for the piece.  Please call us at 401-841-5646 to discuss the many options.

*Standard Shapes  #1
Rectangle, Square, Wedge, Triangle, Round, Pyramid etc

Special Shapes w/ Bases
Drop, Flame, Star, Lightbulb, Map, Capitol, all w/ bases

Custom Molded Shape Examples
Custom Shapes, Sizes w/ different ideas
Most Shapes Possible. Send your diagram photo and size.

3D Shapes Machining Examples
Please send photo or Diagram
When the shape is consistent all the way around we can ‘machine’ the shape (bottles, like those shown). When the shape is inconsistent & has angles & Verifying textures (pineapple, cow, astronaut, cars) that requires a sculpting process & a vacum mold to produce the shape. We must see the shape to determine if its within our processes.

Laser Cutting
Diagram & Special Quote Required

Mini Metal Castings Inside
Metal Castings in gold or silver shown in Lucite

Metal Castings
Sample Metal Castings, Thousands of shapes available.

Acrylic Stock Shapes
Surface screen only. Stock size & shape. No embeddding.


2.     DECIDE ON AN APPROXIMATE SIZE          priced by size – have an approximate idea & call us

3.     HOW MANY DO YOU WANT TO ORDER?  priced by qty:   6-24,   25-49,   50-99,  100-249   

4.     WHAT TYPE OF ARTWORK OR INSERT?   # of colors and sides to be printed

5.     CALL OR EMAIL FOR A RAPID QUOTE:     Get Quote Now!     order form

More Standard Lucitetombstones Stock Shapes  Detailed Quote Form

Lucite is a transparent cast for of acrylic also known as acrylic, plexi or glass. It has fine texture and often used instead of glass because of its durability. Technically it is not a glass, but is always preferred over glass because of its easy handling and low cost. Lucite awards are used by corporate houses, educational institutes, sports events and other organizations.  The beauty is that they can be customized in size, shape, and color to any client personal requirement. Every office or company has an award ceremony, a dinner, or event to honor staff or retiring officials, or the highest achieving executive.  These awards and giveaways can be personalized as per organizational requirements.

Lucite embedment’s and our Lucitetombstones™ are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Most popular shapes are rectangles, standing wedges, standing ovals, blocks, and cubes.  But easels, pyramids, hexagons,  trapezoids, and book shapes are popular designs. For example, Oil Companies use oil barrel designs for industry awards and recognition. Prism, Pyramid, Rounds and Stars are also part of our extended catalog. These stock shapes are made to order in your desired size and art work. If you wish to have a totally customized shape then you can provide us with a diagram, photo of desired shape, size and artwork.

Custom lucitetombsones™ shapes created for previous clients are also available for reference. All customized shapes for Oil Drop Awards are priced differently. There are Lucite shapes that come with molded base, and Lucite 3D cast part is very specific to company’s demand. Bases are of wood and acrylic, available in various designs and color for Lucite orders. There is large variety of products to meet your choice and budget. There is colored Lucite for background and bottom as well. In acrylic globe awards, globes are embedded in any shape. Theme Lucite like, can cube, groundbreaking and shovel awards are specific designs made for clients, where a can is embedded in a Lucite shape. Pencil caddy, hard hat, ribbon cutting gifts, key tags and more are other promotional designs. Sport balls Lucite shapes are also available. For all Lucite orders you get a deluxe black 2 piece gift box for no extra cost

There is another category of cut acrylic shapes with printing on surface and on both sides, they are similar to Lucite and they are three quarter inch thick. There are flat plaques, with surface printing. Sandwiches, is another category in which two acrylic pieces are either screwed or snapped together.  Magnet frames, wall entrapments, CD holders are other promotional items. Prices vary according to shape, size, art work and quantity. Colors, engraving, and options on clear film or white card printing costs vary depending on the project.  Our Lucite design team has been developing beautiful crystal clear awards for over 40 years. A Better Idea will produce the best lucitetombstones™ and awards for your dinner, announcement, or special event project.

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No single piece orders.    6 or 12  piece minimum

  Desktop entrapments rectangles, squares etc. Wall entrapments-hanging style

 Credit Card     Business Card   CD/DVD      Dollar Bill/Currency    Coin 

Certificate Holders   Wall Plaques    Magnetic Sandwich    Sports Ticket Holders  

Entrap YOUR Product – Any Product Between Two or 3 Piece Frame

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