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Lucite & Acrylic Awards Information

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1. Traditional Solid Cast Lucite “Deal Toys”      2. Acrylic Shapes       3.  Acrylic Sandwiches    

►1 *LUCITE® Embedments & Custom “Cast” Shapes w/ Floating Inserts    View Shapes

Liquid Lucite “molded” “tombstones”  with your permanent insert.  The top of the line product!  Deal Toys. 2- piece deluxe gift box.  See below.

2. Acrylic Shapes

►2 ACRYLIC” Paperweights: Lower Cost &  Surface Printed Only Cut acrylic in 3/4 or 1″ thickness with a front or back surface print of your photo or layout

3.  Acrylic Sandwiches  

►3 ENTRAPMENTS: Stock Acrylic Entrapments & Sandwiches  2 piece acrylic “sandwiches” held together with small acrylic pins  that you or we can assemble. Lower cost.

Most Popular Stock Shape Lucite Awards     Browse Our Full Gallery

Standing Wedge





1   *Lucite Awards – “Deal Toys” & Financial Tombstones:






Our Lucite awards are perfect for many uses in the business world.  These photos are not stock items. These are samples of previous jobs.  We have standard shapes or we can make a custom shape.

Sales and marketing awards

  • Product displays
  • Anniversaries
  • Special event commemorations
  • Sales aids
  • Meritorious service awards

Our awards engineering team can turn your ideas into reality.  Lucite is a liquid which is cast to make a very special one-of-a-kind award.  It is the only product which allows you to permanently insert your artwork or product inside like it is floating in crystal.
Please contact us to see what we can do for you.  BROWSE SHAPES

Call us at 401-841-5646 ext 208 for personal assistance from our expert specialists.


Standing Oval 



 Wedge Prism  

3D Mountain

6 piece min.  View individual pages below to see the many styles available, or view our Idea Gallery of Lucite shapes.

At LuciteTombstones.com, our status as a leader in the Lucite embedment community was built by the loyalty of our many repeat customers. Give us a call at 401-841-5646 and see what we can do for your company!


Deal Toy – Cast Lucite Catalog   401-841-5646 x201

Page 1

*Standard Shapes  #1

Rectangle, Square, Wedge, Triangle, Round, Pyramid etc

Page 2

*Standard Shapes  #2

Cubes, Ball, Dome, Cylinder, Obelisk, #1, Diamond & more

Page 3

 Special Shapes #1

Books, Flame, Shirt, Pig, Shield, Apple & more

Page 4

Special Shapes #2

House, Stars, Cell Phone, Cars, Trucks, Hats & more

Page 5

Special Shapes #3

Cloud, Iceberg, Mountain, US, States,  NY, CA

Page 5

 Special Shapes w/ Bases

Drop, Flame, Star, Light bulb, Map, Capitol, all w/ bases

Page 6

Special Shapes w/ Bases

Drop, Flame, Star, Light bulb, Map, Capitol, all w/ bases

Page 7

Custom Molded Shapes
Custom Shapes, Sizes w/ different ideas

Page 8

Theme Pieces

Ground Breaking, Oil drop, Opening, Hardhat, Shovel

Page 9

 3-D Cast Sculptured Parts
Diagram & Special Quote Required

Page 10

 Machining/ Custom Replicas
Diagram & Special Quote Required

Page 11

 Laser Cutting & Inserts

Diagram & Special Quote Required

Page 12

 Mini Metal Castings Inside

Metal Castings in gold or silver shown in Lucite

 Metal Castings for Inside Lucite

Sample Metal Castings, Thousands of shapes available.

 Acrylic Stock Shapes & Paperweights

Surface screen only. Stock size & shape. No embedding.

 Acrylic Plaques
Surface screen only. Stock size & shape. No embedding.

 Entrapments & 2 piece Sandwiches
Surface screen only. Stock size & shape. No embedding.

Lucite Key Tags – 100 pc minimum
Surface screen, white card or clear insert only. Stock size & shape.

Lucite Full Color Gallery of Ideas
Stock size & shapes.

Call us to discuss a special shape and quantity for your Lucite Award project.  Our highly trained Lucite specialists can help you choose the shape and design of a Lucite gift that works for you. With dozen’s of  stock sizes in many shapes, we can work with you to decide on an appropriate size and shape to complement your your artwork or embedded item.  Our professionals, will assist you in choosing from Lucite wedges, blocks, rectangles, cubes, pyramids, and many trophy style Lucite sizes. Check out each of these pages below to view Lucite pieces we have made!

OR CALL NOW:  401-841-5646  or  800-520-1691  & ask for Lucite Quoting